Confessions: Of Bewilderment


In the end we all want to believe that we are at the drivers seat, directing our life to the best possible choices ;running on a fuel of our own volatile emotions. The need for that control is essential to keep reinventing yourself and so is a sense of purpose.

As Camus says “This world in itself is not reasonable, that is all that can be said. But what is absurd is the confrontation of this irrational and wild longing for clarity whose call echoes in the human heart. The absurd depends as much on man as on the world. For the moment it is all that links them together.”



This is a part of the Confession Series, written in old sketch books, revived to life here.


Confessions : Of Falling Apart


Sometimes I just can’t edit my larger monologues into shorter crisper versions. Sometimes I’m just too attached to the documented version of me.  Anyway, Falling apart is a process not a singular event. So might as well immerse yourself in the process,right?





This is a part of Confession Series, written in old sketch books revived to life here.

Confessions : Of Dreams


One of the reasons I dream of Travel is the same reason why I don’t bother to make ever lasting connections. This little confession of mine has sort of formed who I am today, a vague image of my dreams.




This is a part of Confession Series. written in old sketch books as reflections of my past bought to life here.



Paris in Patterns


When people ask me about Paris, I can’t help but smile. Paris to me is not special because of all the museums I did not visit or all the cafes I did not dine in. Its special because I saw the city, albeit with a grim cloudy murky lenses after my tryst with the sunny Greece. Either way, Paris now is officially my third favorite city, the true love being ROME.

It doesn’t have to make sense


Families are what we make out of them or something like that. When I look at my parents celebrating their 25th anniversary this week, it dawned on me that each individual member is a different species but we make a decent team despite trying to kill each other at various instances.

So this one is for all those families or sort of families who stick around because of their differences. 🙂

Sleep Child, Sleep!


Sleep Child Sleep

Sleep Child, Sleep,
For I wouldn’t know how to etch your eyes.
The wake I held for you not so long ago,
The bath I drew for you yesterday,
The music we unheard that last hour
And the dreams that we couldn’t dream today.

Sleep Child, Sleep,
For I wouldn’t know what to say,
If you asked me how the world looks without you,
I would keep chanting gray.

Sleep Child, Sleep,
For there is so much you shouldn’t see,
Like the stench that surrounds you,
Or the secrets that eat me away.

Sleep child, Sleep,
For I would never give you eyes,
Lest you catch a glimpse of me,
Or the death I couldn’t keep at bay!