Confessions : Of Nostalgia


I don’t forget the birthdays of people who actually do matter to me and I am slightly proud of it, but I almost did today owing to the million parallel thoughts in my head. In my search for some funny material for a birthday card I went through all my email conversations with him from a time when emailing about the happenings of your life was a cool thing to do. Long story short, I found this  piece of advice I gave him  for whatever life crisis he was going through during that phase. I guess my 19 year old self was truly 19 going on 60 ! 😀



This is a part of confession series, written in old sketchbooks/emails brought to life here.

Maybe it’s called Tribute.


collageSitting at the grave of another,

Reading their words,

Not said aloud,

Not whispered either.


An ode for the brief time when we were together;

Searching for you,

Nothing as exact, nothing above you either.


Traveling so far,

Hearing another church bells ring,

The gauntlet hangs over,

Time changes the music that images bring.


Blinding the possibilities with older scenes,

It all comes down to familiarity,

Reborn with you,

Living this life as another me.