Confessions : Of Mistakes


This is my last confession. Not because I’ve been absolved, but because I think it is time to move on with exciting new things to write about. However, this series definitely wasn’t one of the mistakes. I’ve run out of old sketchbooks to extract writings from my past and I might as well begin conjuring up some words for my future self to ponder upon.



This is a part of confession series. Written in old sketchbooks,  brought to life here.




I move about here,

Somewhere across the laughter,

You roll there.

We don’t ever see,

Just a glance,

A coincidence, A confusion

festering the the possibilities of ‘could-be’.

The glasses clink,

The money flows,

Reluctantly moving about,

unable to control.

They hedge their bets on us,

We rest their fate,

Keeping ours unknown.

Separate in nature,

Running in circles,

playing this game,


Irrespective of time.