“The living don’t wait to die alphabetically, nor do the dead want to be arranged in an order”, I penned down, half amused by this discovery of mine. I sat beside a small obscure grave marker , hidden behind the grand gravestone of another famous person. My headache didn’t show any signs of leaving me , nor did the weather look like it was going to let the bright sunshine seep into the grey Parisian sky.

“What are you searching for? ” He asked while finding himself a place beside me. Wearing a brown bowler hat and carrying a cane , he looked like he had walked out of  a  Rene Magritte painting albeit with a face and not an apple.

” I don’t know” I replied to the vague question with the most evasive phrase coined in English language.

” Nonsense! you obviously know what you are looking for, else your eyes wouldn’t be darting around like that of a madman seeking his sanity” he declared.

I laughed, a nervous laugh afraid as ever to say things out loud lest they become real and heavy with words that I possibly cannot take back. ” I guess I was looking for some alternative life altering mechanism over here” I said. “I guess I was searching for a person who died the same day as I was born” I continued. “I guess I was searching for an everlasting connection with the obscure in a way that I can never find otherwise”

“Hmmm” he grunted. “A bit lonely aren’t you?” he asked a few minutes later. ” No, not really, but sometimes I wish I had a legacy to carry or perhaps a cross to bear, so to speak. There is an innate satisfaction in knowing a piece about a stranger that could be polar opposite to who you are , but it also sets the roots for an identity that you have been running away from” I said.

“And what maybe that you are running away from?” he asked “These findings about myself.These words to be precise” I said without thinking.

“Clever one , you are, aren’t you” he patted my head in a avuncular manner and walked away into the labyrinth of gravestones, cane not making a sound, bowler hat not blowing away despite the storm brewing and wind hissing a warning.

“Insane might be a better word” I mumbled  to myself and went back to searching and not finding anything significant or at-least deluding myself about it.



The Dance


I’ve been meaning to learn to dance for about a year now, and I somehow never get to it( largely because of my two left feet and klutzy-ness) So while I was working on some illustrations with a Nat Cole song playing in the background I stumbled across this in my old sketchbook. Maybe I did learn to dance around and with words.

take two steps towards honesty
sway my hips abandoning all,
Slip and slide and eventually lie.


take the lead,
moving and gathering me in your arms,
walking back,
breaking away from the buzz,
needing a pause.


moved well,
when the beats played fast.
took the floor by a storm.
Stopped only when,
both of us faltered and fell down.


Whistled and hooted when we started,
gave us space while showing us off,
mocked our eagerness behind our backs.
were eventually wrongly right,
about our lasts.

UNICORNISM : Why (genuine) Faith can never be of the masses.


Before we start, I’d like to point two particular things- one UNICORNISM is not a word(yet), I know this through the underlines of harsh red waves  my word-processor persistently keeps showing  it to me. Secondly, I add the word GENUINE as an afterthought , because faith is inculcated in everybody in a certain amount, but a a truer level can only be a personal sign and not be measured through masses (or your twitter/Instagram account followers.)


I usually do not indulge in the topics of FAITH, LOVE or religion, but over the past couple of weeks these topics have been hard to avoid. Especially Faith and religion. Faith is a superior form of religion or vice versa. There are zillion of video’s books and articles which talk about it, so I’m not going to present you with a research paper, what I am going to do is insert some much-needed doodle.

unicornism I do not intend to mock other religions through this doodle. I am not that person, but I am also not an idiot who will fall into the trap of anything and everything with a tag of religion. If you are truly a believer of whatever you believe in, you will always know in the back of your head that it works for you only because of your faith in it.  That being said, I think unicorns are a good option if it comes down to believing interchangeable history.



The year that wasn’t.

The year that wasn't.

Nithya Suri

Nobody believed ,the utter reality
Until it all went by,
first it was all about minding your own resolutions,
then it was vindictively praying for the failure of others,

They all died in groups,
One by one,
We embraced our mortality,
With proofs of our faces tucked away in cellphones.

A few vacations thrown in,
A few sleep overs for the workaholics,
We all laughed until tears rolled,
When we actually realized that northwest wasn’t a windy direction anymore,

But first things first,
Here is to hoping,
That next year we survive ,
Just to acknowledge our greatest fears.