Confessions: of Giving up


They say that you find what you seek.  And I might not find what I want for I know not what to seek, but that’s okay. I gave up on this endless search for another person until I’ve come to terms with living with myself.

This is a part of a Confession series, where old memories and thoughts of the past left behind in my old sketchbooks are bought to life here.

Confessions: Of Obsession


Oh, well, sometimes “it’s not you, it’s me” is the best thing we can say. Some people are born with a larger perspective so much so that they genuinely care for things that are bigger than them. Others like me get stuck in a place where you can’t look beyond reflections of oneself. This is a part of the  confession series .

Like, Adore and Love


I like the fact that I’m alone, sometimes disturbingly so. I like the fact that I seek the ambiguous, don’t ask me what it is. I like the fact that I can loath myself to a point that nothing effects me anymore. I adore the fact that I’m dramatic , especially during the most innocuous moments.I like the idea of beauty, it feels like it is my right to question it when I travel

I adore the fact that I stop myself from complaining even though only I actually can define the venting from cribbing .I adore jazz of old world, makes me feel like i was born in a wrong place and the wrong decade.  I love the fact that I’m helpless in some situations, it feels like those knockouts in the boxing ring and just proves the fact that I have to train harder. I Love the fact that I’m ugly, It made me want to burrow myself to find out something about myself that isn’t superficial. I love the fact that I’m a liar, it introduces me to people who can see the fake from real. I love the fact that I pretend to be myself ,all the while second guessing myself.

Mostly I like to adore the things that make me want to redefine the idea of love.