Confessions : Of Silences


There are some people you can go on without ever talking. Silences with people are non-existent. Our lives are filled with hum-drum of trivialities and chatter, thus goes the confession about a rare person with whom I once shared such a beauty.


4 thoughts on “Confessions : Of Silences

  1. so damn beautiful to have somebody you can start talking to after years of silence and it feels like the most natural thing in the world. Sort of, ‘So, where were we?’

    • The truth is that it there is no question of “where were we” we just simply pick on the cues and ask no questions at all. It is wonderful to let one person start a REAL conversation, the kind that makes the years of silences worth it.

      • the thing is, with that kind of people you can only have real conversations. that’s why you might end up not talking for years, because there is something you can not dare to say or hear and talking about the weather instead is not an option.

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