Confessions : of courage


Sometimes Courage isn’t about saving others. It’s about letting go of your own insecurities and standing up for however you are. I learnt it the hard way, but I was glad I was brave enough to discover myself.


Confessions : Of choices


The two people I always Have a love hate relationship is with art and architecture. Architecture is like a stable marriage, you don’t hate it neither do you love it after the initial throes of passion. But art is seductive and in return it makes you constantly miserable. My choices of life always oscillate between both of these men in my life. Sigh!

Confession Series : Of Beauty


Yesterday I found a treasure trove. I found a bunch of my old sketch books from college, but unlike the usual scribbles or doodles, These particular sketch books were from a time when I aspired to be a writer. ( I was also in a phase where I was overtly sensitive about the smallest of nuances that life makes.) Since I don’t write anymore as much as before and definitely not with the same sensitivity I decided I’d record them here on my blog. Some of these snippets are from a larger write ups, but I enjoy the sense of ambiguity about prose as such, so I’m going to put them out there in the same sense. So here goes Confession Series!