Whose Thoughts are these?


The liquid was turning the right shade of purple , was it more of  mauve or violet I wondered ,but then again I couldn’t really point out .The clump of a vague substance at the bottom of the bubbling liquid began to take a form. A gradual transition from a dog’s turd to a squishy Jell-O form.

There was a sense of happiness that bubbled inside me just like the liquid in the jar. A sense of promise that was restored from within as I stared at the ethereal glow of the clump.

I slowly reached out for my pocket watch, but the darkness that made me see things usually, closed out on me .This in turn made my watch stop ticking abruptly. There was a moment of dead silence that echoed in the darkness. The heart that was etched on the cover of the pocket watch thumped faster.

To be in pace with the heartbeats that resonated in my pocket ,in a panic I reached out for the incandescent purple liquid and let it warm my hands until the heat burned .Very slowly and very methodically I put my burning hands into the bubbling and picked up the squishy clump that exactly replicated an intelligent brain. But then it slipped from my fingers, bounced on the floor and just fixed itself on top of my sheared off skull. Prettily perched like a cuckoo over a nest.

The ticking of the etched heart finally stopped but by then the darkness swallowed me, leaving behind a faint lavender smell. It reminded me of Her and for a minute I thought like Her before everything inside me broke down to reality forever.

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