Re-Stacking the Dominoes


It’s not often you dig down your memory lane for that one important person who knowingly or unknowingly changed the way you see things. But again that’s the thing about this very selective memory of ours, we remember all the disappointments the regrets but we sure do forget those little instances which subtly altered the course for us. These instances sometimes seem like the beach, where every high tide leaves behind a distinct impression that can never be altered or seen again twice. one such high tide is the introduction of Miguel into the very plain and mundane life of Nita.

“I’m Miguel and I shall be your Spanish professor, but that does in no way mean that I am better than you ! “. Miguel’s this introduction would be forever recorded in Nita’s mind ,for no one before or after has ever been so honest to her. But then again Miguel was what the world saw as a drifter, for he couldn’t stay put in one place for too long.There were times in the Spanish class where he would teach nothing about Spanish culture and every honest thing about life that others would shy away from saying out loud, in fear of the acceptance of those facts, for themselves and for the audience too . His curiosity was immense, sometimes so overpowering that he had to try everything that he came across. He’d say “the world out there is existent just to put rubber stamps and labels on everything that we do ,so I might as well get many of them(labels)”and so he got labelled everything from a pilot ,a chef , a diver ,a junkie ,a nurse, an engineer ,a businessman, a vagabond ,a teacher …these labels weren’t due to the lack of ambitions, for he had plenty of them to last a lifetime, only his pursuit of these goals were off-track.

Where Nita couldn’t take her life seriously enough making plans for every second, Miguel became a friend who would believe that those plans would work even though she didn’t. “Nita, those future plans don’t matter without a history to share behind”. Miguel became the friend who wouldn’t be afraid to quit something because he didn’t enjoy it anymore , in fact it was where Nita learnt that there was no adjustment for choices about one’s life, if it meant mucking yourself about. He subtly refocused the looking glasses through which she saw her life, for she realized that the dominoes lines wouldn’t fall so easily if you made plans with the scope of flaws in them, and the failing of dominoes is not necessarily a bad thing because the possibility of re-stacking them up would never occur until the chain collapses. It was a life lesson she learnt amidst the craziness of a few found friendship. A friendship that everybody knew wouldn’t last, but made effort to do so anyways, because “it was worth nothing and that’s just the beauty of it” as Miguel would say.

The drifter moved to another continent to work while he opened up new doors bracing for the failures but never trying to fit into molds. Nita ,well, she took the work she wanted to dream off and let the chips fall because controlling them would just be stupid .She packed her bags ready for things to tumble down, to study what she likes with no possibility of a fixed future and that just suits her fine.


PS: I do not know how I never published this post when it remained in my drafts for the last year or so.Teachers ,Friends happen to teach us a lot about ourselves and somehow revisiting them feels like looking at an older version of oneself and yet appreciating the person who you are now.

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