Things left behind .



“This is the Last boarding call for all the passengers of Egypt air flight M698 flying from Rome Fumincio to Cairo ,all passengers are requested to board from gate G10 ” the heavily accented voice announced . I stood there in that little duty free shop hoping that some force of universe would just make it impossible for me to leave this airport , this place , this country for that matter ! But then again forces of universe are helpul only so far , i gave the boarding card to the bald guy at the gate , automatically mumbling a Grazie.

There are a awful lot of things I know I will miss about this romance (NO! I’m not talking about the roman holiday kind of romance !)This happenstance that happened to me , between the breaking of my phone , clearing of mind and living the place , I fell in love with this country. When I landed in Rome I wanted to keep in touch with a few friends that I thought I couldn’t possibly live without ,and then I dwindled in this two worlds of time difference , all the while gushing to them about my cool life I had in Italy . Then my phone met with an accident ,I cried and mumbled and didn’t know what to do with my hands the first two days .But after I met Dolci (the super cute dog ) and realized I didn’t need my damn phone(although it did take some epic pictures) and just like that I stared living the life of a traveller.

My wanderings became more real because I didn’t have to Whatsapp anybody the pictures . My lunches and dinners weren’t on the basis of the Wi Fi connection but rather on the selection of wines .Italy suddenly became this real person I could converse with and not just a image of a person . There are so many things I could go on and on ….like the opera I went to or the awesomeness of just walking in Milan or the beaches or the silly PDA’s that you see and say “get a room already ”

There is an inexhaustible list of  things that i will not find elsewhere  once I go back , but I  know will miss the machiatto and expresso and ordering the same in Italian .So while I was packing my bags I thought I should say a thank you just to the good side of the universe that got me here in the first place  . I  left my favorite Che Guevara T-shirt in the little 400 year old BnB with a Thank you note for anybody who cares  (yes I have t shirts that I  managed to salvage for the last 8 years )

In this barter of good karma , I  managed to get about 4GB worth of images , an infinite number more in my head , a Moka pot (the most adorable coffee machine in the world!) , a bottle of my favorite proseco and a few words that I still very unconsciously(and not snobbishly at all ) use in the supermarkets here like “si and garzie ” all the while expecting the cashier to understand my garbled words of another language .

Sometimes the best and the hardest thing to do is leave the love of something behind , detach yourself from the false sense of attachments that we otherwise surround ourselves with . So as Italians say  I said a hearty “Grazie Mille” before taking off , only to get a very warm reply of  “Arrivedicci ” . And that is what makes me smile at the end of the day.

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