I recently watched the movie “the perks of being a wallflower ” after thumbing through the book. there has been a lot said about the movie , a lot more said about the storyline and even more so said about the cast and the crew.I do not have anymore to add to it.For me it was a good movie with some poignant moments that would be remembered only to be forgotten ,which is the beauty in itself.

It was something that Charlie said that I couldn’t forget ,”Right now we are alive and in this moment I swear we are infinite.”

I often wonder what it would be like to be infinite.Would we have corny lines to belt out ? or would be just bottle it up to let the moment be pickled in the reflections of our grainy memories?  I guess to feel infinite is to be ourselves (or not !). It’s not about throwing caution into the winds yet it is all about saying ” I  ” without others into the questions, with no comparison before or after.

There are not many moments of such pure infinite-ness in our memories and I should think we should be glad for it. The essential basics of  infinite-ness like  being yourself ,being absurd , being in love , being rooted and the world pass you by are all there . Our mind is already overloaded with so many categorizations ,that we shouldn’t burden ourselves with anymore of these.Perhaps we  should let it just be .To see and let it just be infinite with look at the dealings of life ,to challenge the mundane things in the most possible  screwed up ways and yet feel that ,this is there and it belongs to start and end right now, like a self combustible capsule. Everybody should be lucky to recognize that one infinite moment , and maybe if I were religious I’d just say , “hey there ! today I met GOD.”

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