For a Friendship that doesn’t exist.


When I woke up today , I woke up with a smile.This wasn’t because of the fresh coffee brewing for a change.I smiled ,just because you were there in my head ,waiting at the station ,and that’s that.I wouldn’t know a loss even if it was staring at me right in my face.But today I remember you as that friend who would have hypothetically made me smile somewhere in the distant future.I also remember you just because I do.

Its been too long since we have made up our minds to see each other in the same light .Our time and space co-ordinates might never coincide with that of place and occasion.Perhaps it doesn’t even matter .Our  friendship is a one  that doesn’t exist in reality .It is much more than that.It is that one fragment of thought that would make me say , I miss you , with that first cup of coffee of the day.

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