I am a thief .


I am a Thief and there is nothing more to say to it.

I steal trust never to return it back.

I covet that young love that you have ,

but what I need the most is something that you will never give ,

And thus I steal.


I need that sound sleep of pure innocence ,

That I bartered for baubles long ago.

In my world  I was born for this reason  ,

And thus left alone.


There is no guilt inside me ,

No shame either .

I would lie to you without any hither .

I wouldn’t hesitate twice if I had to steal your soul ,

Because in your world ,

You would trade it all for a shiny diamond or a fake coal.


When I would steal ,

I steal with honesty and conviction.

In my world there is a need for a clean heart,

For I promised someone long ago ,

That I would collect at least one before heading to the gates of gore.


Alas, all your souls are as tattered as mine.

For you have also traded your clean heart for a reason.

Sadly when in a different positions ,

When your crisp bills are exchanged at my gates ,

They couldn’t even afford half the measure of self-respect such as mine  ,

For they are tainted with much more than just treason .


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