The truth of Darkness



I just finished watching Night and Fog ,and even though my laptop screen is blank , I am unable to move. The coffee I made earlier is still untouched .In the last 30 minutes of this movie watching I have questioned everything that is REAL for me.So far that it’s the only movie which ever provoked me in the thought process that I haven’t even considered before.The realization that the “pain,anger and frustration ” that I have defined for myself seems intrepid and almost too shallow.

I know that the time of the war is always in juxtaposition with a different dynamics. But to want to see one’s threshold of this facet was something I never knew about me.Our experiments with life are too limited given the way of our lifestyle.The idea of life and death for us is too loosely portrayed. I have never witnessed something so profound or life altering.

It’s strange that we should have the easy way out and not understand the basics of our existence, unless we undergo a series of tests that are more than just about our endurance of pain.The movie has this peculiar feature, it has this matter of fact way at which death is treated.It relays a set of facts without any empathy but these statements don’t sound cold either . But if that kind of coldness and indifference present during the war times  is ingrained in our DNA then I think we are all in this world for a  very long haul.Honestly the movies has too many scenarios that make you cringe or even cry ,but  shying away from the images that the movie prints in your head is easy .I tried facing these images with a steel mind , saying to myself that I’m not the one going through this pain, it’s just the images .Although if truth were to be told (steel mind or not),sometimes facing them head on becomes so overwhelming , that you  have to write to tell it to someone ! I do not know if you even have the idea of the movie ,but it’s so terrible and beautiful at the same time.It actually makes you look into things and not just  see.

I wonder  how would we  see the “self” objectively when we destroy everything about ourselves just so that we can live?

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