The In-Between of the Glass



“What does it mean to reflect upon a position, a relation, a place related
to other places but with no place of its own: the position of the in-between? The in-between is a strange space, not unlike the
choric space that Plato, in the Timaeus, posed as the condition of
all material existence.”Elizabeth Groz,Architecture from outside

The position of the in-between lacks a fundamental identity, lacks a form, a given-ness, a nature. Yet it is that which facilitates, allows into being, all identities, all matter, all substance.In the big bad and grand  circus of life ,this in between-ness is what keeps us dreary and yet uncharacteristically happy too.This transitions of life and changing of constant lenses from the outside to the inside .

The introspective ,retrospective  and the perceptive thought processes that happen in ones head(at-least in mine )  are the wanderings in between the shadows of incomprehensible ideas.Ideas that remain stagnated in your head because of of fear.Such is the parody of life where we look into the narrow vanishing abyss,enriching ourselves with a warm fuzzy feelings of hope.

Usually when you are in this no zone area ,LIFE seems unreadable .The denial or the acceptance becomes too tedious to think about .Its a trance that most wouldn’t want to ever get out of .I for once, know that being in a constant INSIDE or OUTSIDE of a clique ,a society,relationship , or even oneself  is an overwhelming experience that one might not be able to ever comprehend .Being vague is easy (profoundly interesting too!) but its the essential clarity that is needed for us which  is often too vague.Hence the futility of life runs itself in loops that are too simple to understand and too knotted up to execute.


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