The C of choices


The disclaimer: The following essay has no relation to anything living or dead. It’s meant to be understood the way its NOT written .This essay is also a by product of a very crazy read of the Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart and Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

There is a choice for everything you do in life . Frost wasn’t even being remotely poetic in his attempt to portray  the anguish of the human choices .Since this journey of life that has been charted for us is a long and lengthy one , our memories conveniently morph these difficult ,painful and uncertain instances as happenstances .
It’s easier to translate these choices into oblivion, such that they remain inconvenient truths hidden deep in the necropolis of our lives .Often when I read history I wonder about the moment of decision where these choices have been taken without any sense of certainty of the outcomes in the future .If Vangogh wouldn’t have made a deliberate choices he would never have died early with syphilis to achieve the glorious fame.Even the biblical references of eve’s choices must have had a subtle influence on the rest of humanity .
The question then arises that , do I carry this package of restlessness of a posing a certain finality to a indistinct future as a part if my gene code , or is it just a mere universally accepted way of life ?

A life that  is dependent on these choices for marking the momentary moments of regret and joy .Wouldn’t it just be simpler to de-fragment life into its utter core , strip away all the false emotions that the society forces us to adapt and learn.Then perhaps take a very conscious step towards the unknown , just so that down the lane of history never should it be masked by the word chance , happenstance or serendipity.
Ever question a life without the possibility of making choices ?? How would the human mind work then ?Would acceptance of everything would be taken just as taken for granted in the same way choices are taken ??Or would we all be under the dictatorship of each others acceptance and sort of becoming Chinese products ?? Or would we all drown ourselves into a whirlpool of nonsense , just to make sense out of it  , such that we never understand anything anyways ?? Or are we doing it already ??

Another passing thought :If love is a conscious emotion , then why is it termed to be a stroke if chance or fate ?? Don’t we deserve the credit for the same , instead of the unseen forces ??


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