Walking the rational line


ImageHave you ever watched the village tight rope walk ? The one street performing art that has no pride left .The whole performance banks on evoking the sentiments of poverty in the viewers .From  the background music to the stoic expressions on the faces. I happened to watch one such performance today . Somehow it reminded about the conscious filters that we force into our lives to define them and then try to portray them as chains .Ironically we  try to escape from the same definitions of chains .

The impassive face of the performer wasn’t in anyway close to entertaining , in fact it made me think of scenarios which involved people making poker faces to work through all those moments in life which make it very uncomfortable to go on. For me the filters put across are the same as Roman fort but what we fail to accept is that there are more than one Trojan horses that enter these walls .
The thin line that we tread so carefully by trying not to be bound by the same chains that we impose on ourselves , this is far beyond amusing for me . Philosophy is of course a matter of a full belly and fine thoughts but just sometimes its these harsh strokes that give no room for the basics, sometimes even food. It just plainly becomes a thought process .
Sometimes I think that dissociative behavior from the various realities , over the years has enabled me with a further filter of being responsively narcissistic. So the question arises as to how much of outside philosophy  and theories influence our making ??
Freedom for me right now sadly just boils down to just being comfortable. Its the high powered idea that the society drills into our heads  just like a million other things in life.Sometimes I also wonder ,If ” Right or wrong” is a long question to contemplate about,is “alive or dead ” what we look at to decide the morality .?

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