Lemon tree



Adolf loved his big mango tree. He loved it more than his dog and definitely more than his wife he called Bree .the tree under which his stoned cottage rested and where in the sunsets he would always read the last page of an old newspaper.

On a cold rainy day, while his soup was overflowing with excess of raindrops, Adolf took the chainsaw he hid below his pillow that was always beside him. He started hacking away his beloved mango tree.

As the tree fell, at an exact moment possibly at an angle of 45 degrees the birds tumbled out of their nests, the insect buzzed out loud and the trees secrets bellied out. Adolf then just stood there looking at the curious owls peeking out of the tilted tree. His soup abandoned, his chainsaw worn out.

He sat back into the crispy grass crusted with snow tired of waiting for the sunset ,pulled out a crumpled piece of today’s newspaper and then read aloud. This act shocked the neighbors so much that they turned off their cycles to stare.one gutsy child even had the nerve to approach him and ask “mister, didn’t Stalin ban today’s paper to be read aloud?”

At this Adolf smiled, his first smile in 17 years and said “Stalin is dead and so are we”


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