Stranger of strangeness


If yesterday was never gone and today is still yet to be undone.

It would have taken more than that simplest leap of faith,

To believe,

That ‘this’ that is here,

As vague and indistinct as our sight

As real as all our wrongs but right where it is,

And right where it belongs.

To celebrate with the darkness of the shadows,

To fly with the weight of the light,

For there is no existing prophecies of tomorrow,

Something to look forward to and sigh.

If there were only a single face in the crowd, the world would have noticed it

but the non-existence of such a face would have been understood,

By the fairness of at least one mind in the crowd too.

We dream of drifting back and forth in the vortex of gain,

To love to follow, only to be chased

To be nowhere with anyone and yet dance.

And because it’s strange to be acquainted to strangeness,

We would even like to sway.

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