The tides


She’s sitting there lost in thoughts, the milk she had left to boil is spilling over, and the food she had wanted to eat is untouched just like all the meals before. The silent tears she wipes have no cries and no echos.The doorbell rings and she’s conscious of her state, hurriedly she cleans up the mess that’s outside, as if that could miraculously change her mind. She reminds herself that she, Samunder has to be strong for Chandini her sister is at the door.

Chandini’s face lights up as she opens up the door. Looking at her is like facing the mirror, they would look identical to any passing stranger, but only Samunder knew that she was the older one with a difference of 3 whole minutes.” Is Jeejju home?” she first asks, hugging her like a mother would hug a child, breathing an ounce of life into her. Samunder weeps with gratitude just for this. They clasp hands like they have never been apart .she walks into the bright and yet so cold house. Chandini eye glance around the entire house with a familiarity that wasn’t necessary. “Oh, you brought a new lounge chair! “She exclaimed .Samunder looks at her, smiles and says” yes its quite old now, we brought it last year because Puneet said a lounge chair was a must need for an architect “.

There are so many things unsaid in that one statement, Chandini realises.” Time has definitely made her weary, but does she know?” she wonders. Hoping that some secrets remain secrets like never before. She sits on the one particular lounge chair, just as if she would mark her territory while Samunder disengages her hands and moves to the corner of the room, where that kaleidoscope lamp they made a few decades ago still shines. Are memories like these always going to haunt her? Will she ever break this power play and make something on her own? She thinks silently, her face masking all these thought with a silent smile. “Tell me everything? “ Samunder says…” how is life in Spain? Have you found your Antonio yet? “

Chandini laughs and says” I will tell you everything tonight, but first let’s make a coffee” .she wanders to the kitchen making herself at home.” there is so much I have to tell you” Chandini remarks superficially with a laugh to make it all like the old times. Samunder understands this and says “ of course you have been gone away for a long time and Skype calls never make the conversation like eye contact does “ . Chandini turns her head and starts measuring the coffee powder, small talking her way through about amma and appa .they sit together with the coffee, feeling like strangers in a room with this eerie silence admits the small talk weighing down on them, just like the shadows in this bright room. “how is that we always have so much to say to each other when we are away but words fail us when we are together?” Samunder asks. “I don’t know, it is strange to know that you know everything and yet you want me to say it out loud “Chandini replies with a stoic seriousness that is very uncharacteristically of her while looking at Samunder dead in the eye.

The hurt that fills her mind is unbearable, “she’s not even repent full, she thinks, have they taken me for granted on that level? have I become such a push over? “She angrily swipes at the tear that had the audacity to betray her, as if the people around her haven’t betrayed enough. “He sure does enjoy the dynamics between us .ripping us apart while keeping us together “she says and falls silent…along with everything else in the room.

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